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2022 in Review | Recreation

By Kevin Greer 
Lakeside Communications Manager 

Lakeside Director of Recreation & Wellness Katalin Domotorffy says the season was a success, and the impressive numbers prove it. The pool had 44,000 guests, 30,000 played shuffleboard and there were more than 18,000 mini golfers.  An estimated 93,000 people participated in Recreation activities this summer. 


The most popular, new classes were on the water.  Water Adventure Classes on the lakefront involved paddleboarding, couch tipping on an inflatable couch and jumping around on a floating dock. The activities were for kids ages 8-15, but Domotorffy said adults inquired about getting involved. 

“Parents were asking for classes so they can participate as well,” Domotorffy said. “We had adults wanting get on some of the big floaties on the waterfront.” 

Activities at the waterfront were popular all summer. Sailing classes were filled to capacity, as well as UltraMissions paddleboard classes. Domotorffy said all the lake activities were positive experiences for the kids and staff. 

“I enjoyed being part of the classes on the waterfront where I actually got to experience the kids working together as a team, doing something fun and new,” Domotorffy said. “It stretched their confidence in what they’re willing to do as they ran on the 17-foot tube and knew they were going to eventually fall off at some point. I was able to work with younger staff members and teach and guide them in how to create a safe space for younger kids and how to be their friend, but also how to be their leader – so that was just a lot of fun” 

Grindley Aquatic & Wellness Campus Pool  

There were waitlists for logrolling at the Grindley Aquatics & Wellness Campus pool. The class was twice a week throughout the summer and 151 kids took part. Domotorffy plans to expand the number of logrolling classes and make them for all ages, which should please the many Lakesiders who requested it. 

Swim Lessons were back on the schedule after a two-year absence for kids ages 4-12. Just shy of 1,000 kids took part throughout the summer.  

“Swim lessons in the morning were incredibly popular,” Domotorffy said. “I think parents were really happy that we were able to bring those back.” 

“We have great facilities and a high caliber of teaching,” Domotorffy said. “I think those are a great draw for not just the community and visitors, but also the surrounding community of Marblehead Lakeside.” 

 Tennis & Pickleball

The pickleball and tennis courts were busy all season with lessons, mixers, tournaments and open play. Domotorffy attributes the Williams Tennis Campus, Hubbard Pickleball Center and the quality of instructors as reasons courts were a little more crowded than previous seasons. 

Pickleball is America’s fastest growing sport, and Lakeside is proof of that. Simone Jardim, who is considered one of the world’s all-time best players, returned to Lakeside and hosted a Pickleball Clinic and three-day Nike Pickleball Camp in July, both with full registration. 

Carrina de Vera, a top player in Northeast Ohio and an International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association & Professional Pickleball Registry certified pickleball teaching professional, hosted a two-day clinic in late June. 

The Williams Tennis Campus was also popular spot all summer. In late June, Lakeside welcomed back JoAnne Russell and Steve Vaughan to lead a tennis clinic. Russell is a former top-ranked doubles player who captured the 1977 Wimbledon ladies’ doubles champion. Vaughn is a longtime instructor who long-time member of the United States Tennis Association.  

“The clinic was a huge success and just a lot of fun, not just from playing aspect, but also a social aspect,” Domotorffy said. 

Wellness Classes

Pop-up wellness classes were added throughout the summer. One of the most popular activities was the Dance Jam on Walnut Plaza prior to select Hoover Auditorium shows. Dancing was designed with kids in mind, but many adults joined in. 

“Dance Jam on Walnut Plaza turned out to be more fun than expected,” Domotorffy said. “Kids were able to dance and get their energy out and parents were happy to watch and know that their kids perhaps may sit a little bit more still during the Hoover shows. It was just nice to be able to listen to fun music, move freely and just have fun together with the community members that perhaps you would not have met anywhere else.” 

Domotorffy noted most kids’ yoga and ballet classes continued to be filled to their maximum, with many having to be put on the waitlist. Adult yoga and exercise classes and daily youth recreation games (Scavenger Hunt, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Kickball and Nukem) were popular activities all summer

Next Season

“We’re bringing back some of the oldies but goodies since it’s our 150th anniversary,” Domotorffy said, “including some of the timeless games that have been played on the shores of Lake Erie.” 

Domotorffy looks forward to what’s ahead for next summer, 

“I’m just incredibly grateful for the staff that showed up every day with a smile to deliver great customer service and great programming,” Domotorffy said. “I have a huge sense of gratitude to the community that just continues to be so incredibly supportive of me, the staff and all recreation programming that I put forth. I could not do it without them.” 



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