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Proposed Engineering Plans for Streets & Stormwater Management Project Reviewed & Alternative Timeline Set

Since our last ‘Streets Alert’ update in early June, Lakeside Chautauqua and the Streets and Drainage Advisory Task Force received the final set of engineering plans for Phase I. 

The Task Force and Lakeside staff have met and reviewed the proposed plans block by block.

After an in-depth review, the Task Force was not satisfied that the proposed design work would produce preferred outcomes regarding drainage mitigation and cost. The Task Force looked at the large number of driveways impacted and other unique Lakeside street details and felt that a refined design approach would have more benefits throughout Lakeside. 

For this reason, the Task Force and Lakeside have made the difficult but necessary decision to postpone the start of road construction from the fall of 2024 until the fall of 2025.

The Task Force and Lakeside staff are evaluating an alternative plan expected to impact far fewer driveways and result in a lower overall cost. Further, adjusting the bid timing is expected to result in lower bids. The Task Force and Lakeside staff had discussions with paving contractors regarding the best time to bid on the project in order to obtain the lowest bid and found the fall timeframe was ideal.

Fred Seling, Lakeside’s Project Manager, will be working with the engineering consultant to complete improved design parameters, with bids for fall 2025 construction work to be sought from qualified paving contractors in late fall 2024.

Due to the adjusted project timeline, the Neighborhood Gatherings for the Streets & Drainage Management Project will be postponed until next summer. We’ll continue to speak about the project at the Coffee Chats with the President at 10 a.m. Wednesdays this summer and provide updates as they become available.



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