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Lakeside Works to Add Lots on Oak Avenue, South of Seventh Street

The Land Management and Development Task Force, established in August 2022, is an advisory committee of the Lakeside Association Board of Directors.

This group of volunteers explores and recommends to the Board land development projects within the community that align with and support the Strategic Plan and Master Plan, including, but not limited to, the potential projects at Oak Avenue, Poplar Avenue, the Lakeside Schoolhouse, Prairie Garden, Campground, Wo-Ho-Mis Lodge, the Hilltop House/Annex and the Cabins.

One area that has been progressing is the land near Oak Avenue, south of Seventh Street, near Lakeside’s trash and recycling area. The land provides an opportunity to create four new lots that will be sold for new construction of cottages. The proceeds from these lots will provide cash to help with funding for group housing and accommodations.

As Lakeside President & CEO Charles Allen discussed in several Lakeside Gatherings and Townhall Meetings, Lakeside’s new Project Manager Fred Seling has been leading the effort on the Oak Avenue Extension Planning and Construction in partnership with the task force.

Lakeside Development Administrator Jim Switzer also worked with Construction Design Engineering (CDE) to lay out the four lots and plan the site.  

To date, trees have been removed from the cul-de-sac area and water and sewer lines will be extended. 

This week, the water may be turned off for a short period of time to install new waterlines. The shutoff will only affect houses on Oak Avenue south of Seventh Street. Lakeside will stop by the neighboring houses to provide notice. Currently, Lakeside is waiting on approval from the EPA for the water and sewer for this area.

For questions about the Oak Avenue Extension Project or water shutoff, contact Seling at


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