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Lakeside’s Net Zero Goals

The way we live and care for Lakeside today affects how future generations will experience the community. With the importance of sustainable practices resting on our shoulders, we’re partnering with the Lakeside Environmental Stewardship Society, a group of Lakeside community members who promote environmental awareness, to educate Lakesiders about the Net Zero Goals we plan to achieve.

We believe that people, businesses and communities working together and caring about the people and our planet can achieve magnificent changes. It’s a movement powered by you and many others, and it takes us all to help in small ways to become a more sustainable community.

Zero Pollution and carbon reflects the desire to absolutely minimize pollution of our environment. Clean water, clean air and a healthy environment for all natural forms of life must be improved and maintained. All components that we use should have no lasting harm to the environment.  

Zero Energy is part of the goal to minimize carbon dioxide and encourage sustainable energy resources. Lakeside needs to minimize energy consumption and use sustainable energy (solar, wind, hydro, etc.) as much as possible.

Zero Waste reflects the desire to divert all waste from landfills by minimizing consumption, maximizing the useful life of materials and encouraging a virtuous cycle of material use and reuse.

Zero Water reflects the desire both to minimize water use and to minimize and control stormwater runoff. Water usage also translates directly to energy use possible.

For more information about how you can help achieve Lakeside’s Net Zero Goals, visit our new Sustainability page at and for upcoming blog posts.


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